Delivered to site with operator.

If your company or you need a reliable and professional service to help complete your project, contact us. With our expertise and mini digger/excavator you could handle all types of work including: foundations, ditching, groundworks, demolition and breaking concrete, site clearance, construction and excavation.

Caterpillar Mini Hydraulic Excavator 300.9D (1 tonne)


*For an accurate quote please contact us, as prices may vary depending on the length and location.

Product Details:

This Micro-Digger/ Mini Excavator is ideally suited for working in back gardens or other narrow areas for construction. It is narrow enough to fit through the standard 730mm gate or doorway for internal work. The tracks retract to get through the gate and then are expanded to give the machine extra stability.

  • Extending Undercarriage
  • Foldable Safety Frame (ROPS)
  • Floating Dozer Blade with Side Extensions 300m, 600m and Grading Buckets
  • Machine Width 730mm-860mm

Attachments available:
250mm Bucket
500mm Bucket
Grading Bucket